Videos of Work


Hilton Hotels Worldwide TV Commercial – “Press Play”

“Plated” National TV Commercial

Celebrity Chef Richard Blais for Purina Fancy Feast Commercial

Rico Rodriguez of Modern Family interviewing the stars of Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

United States Postal Service Commercial – Holiday Pep Rally

Music Video

SPFX – Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court music video

Henrik B – Echoes

Darin – So Yours Music Video


Gigging and Grubbing – An American Christmas – Aired on NBC

Red Bull Stratos Documentary Trailer aired on BBC

Web Content

QVG – Episode 13

Taco Bell spot with YouTube’s The Warp Zone

The F-List

Feature Film

The Cherokee Word for Water Trailer

Cowgirls and Angels Trailer

Warner Bros. “Thunderstruck”

Special Makeup Effects

SPFX -Neck Gouge with Splatter

SPFX – Head Bashing

SPFX – Throat Cut Bleed Out

SPFX – Throat Cut Reveal

Guts, Blood and Gore